Going to give another a6000 a try

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Re: Going to give another a6000 a try

123Mike wrote:

Walie wrote:

123Mike wrote:

creaDVty wrote:

I which I could preset this in programmable modes. Then with a single click I could cycle to my next mode. Does the A6000 have this that I don't yet know about?

Sorry for the potentially dumb question but what about the MR mode? Takes a couple of button presses but would that work?

What's MR mode?

Have a look on the mode dial...

I don't get it.

I think MR is the Memory Recall mode which can be selected with the mode dial. It's possible to program three custom-settings under MR and they can be recalled fairly fast any time you need one of them (don't own a A6000 yet, so I don't know the details).

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