Another camera choice decision

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Other factors: telephoto lens cost, external flash unit, flexibility

I think you'll probably want a telephoto lens eventually for baseball or when your child starts running around. A telephoto lens is also extremely useful in landscape photography for perspective compression.

The 40-150 Olympus lens is cheaper than the Sony 55-210 so that may be another factor to consider.
I have the e-pm2 and it is great for its price, but the handling is terrible compared to the e-m10's tilt screen, dual dials, and evf. If you got the e-pm2 though, you could save a lot of money and it could be spent on the 40-150 and even an external flash.

I think a flash would be extremely useful for taking pictures of your child. Being able to bounce the flash off the ceiling will help a lot with the indoor shots you'll be taking while your child is immobile but also when your child is running around indoors. If you do not use flash indoors, you will need a very high shutter speed to capture a sharp image since toddlers never sit still. This will require you to use an extremely high ISO setting. An external flash would also be useful to tame the harsh shadows in bright daylight when you are at the playground. Unfortunately, the lack of EVF may be a problem in bright daylight.

I think that having flexibility is more important than a better body because it would allow you to take photos that you otherwise would not be able to take.

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