I've been shooting RAW for years... not any more! X-T1

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Re: I've been shooting RAW for years... not any more! X-T1

"For those of you that are shooting RAW what is the distinct advantage that you are experiencing by doing so?"

Your fine, attractive examples are not lit by light with different color temperatures. Also, the exposure and dynamic range are not particularly challenging. I say this with absolutely no negative connotation or implication whatsoever. It's just the nature of the scenes you shared. And, they are lovely scenes.

t turns out the information destroyed during JPEG compression is redundant when:

  • The exposure is perfect
  • The dynamic range does not exceed the camera's data stream dynamic range
  • The white balance is perfect

Otherwise the discarded information during JPEG compression is required to the render the best possible image.

The more the above deviates from perfection, using all the data recorded when the shutter was open brings more benefit.

The scenes in my work typically have mixed color temperature and challenge the camera's dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio (especially for shadow regions.I can expose for highlight detail or for optimum shadow region detail,,, but not for both.

Even when the scene is not that difficult, I can make exposure mistakes.

For my work in-camera JPEG compression is too risky for the benefit

There are the distinct reasons why I never rely on in-camera JPEGs,

Oh, no! Not again! How many threads on raw vs jpg have we had?
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