Another camera choice decision

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Re: Another camera choice decision

A GX7 would give you a better grip and in camera panos... More expensive but there's been some good sub $650 deals on the body-only option lately. I was debating NEX vs M43 last year and ultimately chose M43 in large part because of the lens selection, the fact that Sony is shifting focus to the larger full frame FE lenses kinda vindicated that decision... OTOH the A6000 didn't exist then and it shows they're still somewhat committed to the smaller E mount Alpha system (RIP NEX).

I'd probably still pick M43 today tho, in addition to the widerlens selection (and the fact that they're generally smaller) I really appreciate quick accurate AF which, in conjunction with a touchscreen, is really nice for certain shots; just tapping the screen and placing the AF spot where you want is really neat. The variety of M43 bodies available is also quite appealing even if I only own a small/cheap one right now... A system that scales from GM1 to E-M1 seems very versatile.

Better continuous AF tracking will eventually come to most mirrorless systems, I'd imagine. Manufacturers start experimenting with one model (e.g. A6000 for Sony, E-M1 for Oly, GH4 for Pana, X-T1 for Fuji) but that will invariably filter down. If I was buying today I'd probably be deciding between M43 and Fuji X instead, tho the Fuji system seems to be more expensive all around.

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