Using NEX-5, concerned about feel of a6000

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Re: Using NEX-5, concerned about feel of a6000

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pixelpushing wrote:

How much better photos do you get with a better 'feel'?

Depending on the user, feel can be extremely important! Controls, ergonomics all make the tool easier to use. Also there is feeling and emotion that goes into capturing moments, and if the user is happy, it will be reflected in the composition, etc.

Not talking about controls or ergonomics, just the materials, which is what we're really discussing.

I handled an A5000 today. It did not feel one iota 'better' to me in my hands. I couldn't detect any metal at all, in fact the plastic seemed a tad cheaper than the A6000.

The NEX-6 has a thin metal skin on top, but otherwise there's very little difference as far as I'm concerned with respect to quality, build, feel.

Either way, if you're such an aesthete that you get an emotional charge from a metal that it allows you to take superior pictures, why are you messing with anything but a Leica or slumming it with Fuji?

Well part of the "feel" has alot do to with ergonomics as well as materials. That combined with controls add up to the overall experience.

If you look back at Muga's original starting post, it is mentioned about the a6000 feeling hollow, plus, the mention of the grip not fitting into Muga's hands as well as the Nex 5. It is not all about materials.

I am pretty sure alot of us would love to use Leica gear if we could afford it.

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