EV Mistake While Shooting Raw... help

Started May 13, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: EV Mistake While Shooting Raw... help

You need to process carefully. It's critical to exposure optimally with Canon sensor while Sony sensor has larger room.

When I got 5D3 I also had experience in accidentally bumping EC as Canon changes the way in adjusting EC by default with the big dial wheel (that is too easy in bumping) in 5D3 from 5D2/5D1. Since I move the LOCK switch to lock position by default to prevent this issue as similar in the default 2nd stop in 5D2/5D1 knob switch. When I need to EC I move LOCK switch to unlock position, make change and LOCK again. I am used to it now but hope adjusting EC is as easy as in my Sony A7R (that has a dedicated wheel on top or I programmed in Down push on the back dial wheel and change in EVF/back LCD).

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