"New" X-T1s

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Re: "New" X-T1s

This is why you buy cameras from camera stores especially when your spending over $1,000 just for a body.

If you were into expensive Swiss watches that cost thousands would you buy them from Amazon, a non authorized reseller of (name the brand) IWC, JLC, whatever or an actual Jeweler.  In short, non AD's file off the serial numbers from those costly swiss watches, but thats another story.

Spend the extra money if you have to and stick to B&H, Adorama (which I hate btw) and whatever other speciality camera store even if its local to your area.

Heck, I just got a toy p&s from Canon just to play, the SX170 for $150 new. nice little camera, good hand grip, from B&H.

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