Last one! K5 vs gx10 (dp3m tossed in as a bonus).

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Last one! K5 vs gx10 (dp3m tossed in as a bonus).

I took a shot of an old pentax camera out in some tree's next to my home, Sadly I had left the tripod in the studio so I was laying on the floor hand holding these (I did use my camera bag as a little bit of support).

The scene was back light with a reflector just off to the left, also I told both camera's to focus on the pentax logo but both seemed to focus just past that (the gx10 more so), I took a few shots using AF and they all turned out the same.

Lighting will be a little different due to the sun going through the trees.

The files were sharpened in post (lr and photoshop) and WB taken from the camera to the right of the k1000 sign, nothing else was touched.

All shots were taken at 50mm f2.8 1/100 iso 100. (except the sigma which is 1/80.. I must have nudged the dpad on my camera bag when getting into position)

Due to the focus differences it could be hard to determine how much better one is at the other for sharpness but it should give a good overall feel of how the camera's look.

k5 with da* 50-135 f2.8

Gx10 with da* 50-135 f2.8

Now the sigma shot, note the 50mm lens on the sigma is wider than the 50mm end of the da*50-135 (The 50mm on the da* 50-135 is longer than the 50mm f1.7 and the 50mm end of the da* 16-50 is also wider than the 50mm f1.7).
I did nothing at all to the sigma image in post (export to jpg from sigma pro) and focused on the pentax logo as I told the other camera's to do.

Sigma dp3m

My fav of the three is the sigma image, the tree creaping in on the left hand side of the frame helps it a lot and I just love the detail even in the oof area's.. it just has a different look.  Also the fact the camera focused where I wanted it to (I used af on all the cameras) helps too

I did play around with the k5 file, adding some clarity, a little +ev and stuff and I could get it to look similar but the sigma seems to have extra texture something to the off area's that I like and I think I might have to try some focus calibrations on the gx10 and k5 just to make sure everything's ok.

Pentax K-5 Samsung GX-10 Sigma DP3 Merrill
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