X-T1 and the fact that it's 16mp

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Re: A7s has only 12Mp!

Jkim7 wrote:

Do you guys think it's acceptable that a $1k+ camera in 2014 has 16mp sensor? Why do you think Fuji chose that route?

I'm asking because I have an X-T1 but I'm worried that maybe sometime in the future I may want to crop if I am taking wildlife pics on a rare occasion or something.

It's not about Mp, but about IQ that camera can deliver. IMHO 16Mp is enough for APS-C. I'm not as familiar with Fuji, but if I'm not mistaken X-T1 has no AA filter right? So there you go with already sharper sensor output by default. Add to that descent Fuji lenses and it's all good. Also, I think less and less people print nowadays, so all we really need is how good pictures look at HD media (screens, tv's). Even for upcoming 4K tv 16Mp is more than enough.

For those who have more specific needs like printing really large, pro studio work etc. they will use FF anyway. Other than that, X-T1 is a perfect choice.

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