Using NEX-5, concerned about feel of a6000

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Re: Using NEX-5, concerned about feel of a6000

parallaxproblem wrote:

Muga wrote:

I am still using the original NEX-5 14mp and thinking of upgrading, mainly because:

1) Realize I need an EVF

2) Slow AF

I've been drawn to the NEX 6 due to its EVF, but it seems the AF is not THAT much faster than what I am currently using. Then the a6000 came out and I got excited due to the VERY fast AF and its basically a NEX 6. I've never handled either camera by the way. Then I read some threads here complaining about how a6000 feels weird and hollow but I thought those people was just weird. Today I stopped by Bestbuy and picked up the a6000 and it... actually felt pretty bad compared to my NEX 5! (Sorry to those people who I thought was paranoid). The grip doesn't fit me as much and it just didn't feel as good. I wanted to try the NEX 6 but they didn't have it in stock. Now the price on EBay is barely $400 bucks, I am quite interested in it again...

So for those who have handled all three... is the NEX 6 more like the original 5 or the a6000 feel-wise?

Feel is also important to me

The original NEX-5 is very well made, the NEX-5N is also well made but the NEX-5R and NEX-5T don't have the same quality feel

The NEX-6 does not feel as good in my hands as even the NEX-5R (which is one reason I bought the 5R instead of the 6) and certainly does not feel as good as the original NEX-5. I can't comment on the A6000 as I still haven't had the chance to handle one

For the best 'feel' with an EVF either a NEX-5N with EVF (the separate EVF's can be found quite cheaply these days and are very good) or a NEX-7 would be your best bet, though neither will offer the fast AF you want

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How much better photos do you get with a better 'feel'?

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