HVL-F20S for insect macro?

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Re: HVL-F20S for insect macro?

bigley Ling wrote:

Ynos wrote:

dawson31 wrote:

How was the flash working for your nex-5??
Read it fail in less than a year. Anyone has any feedback?
Intending to use it for insect shooting so most likely to use the diffuser included.. Anyone has any feedback on the diffuser or still best to DIY own diffuser?


My flash f20s is working just fine (with regards to fail/broke). However, it constantly gives me very overexposed images. I remember reading a thread long time ago on this matter. No solution was found. It may be faulty contacts that make TTL fail or something else. I'm not sure, so even if i dial exposure compensation (that is for flash) down to -2 it still gives me overexposed images. So basically this is the reason it is just sitting on my shelf with no use.

Will test it on my A6000 and will know for sure if the problem was flash itself or my old 5N.

As for diffuser, IMHO it looks great, but is still not enough for such powerful flash (or maybe it is not working for me due to bad TTL contacts and general flash overexposure). i would imagine if flash was working as supposed with normal TTL - then flash would be 2-3 times softer and diffuser will work just fine in that case.

Just a small question, will the HVL-F20S work on a A6k?

From what I gather the A6k only has a hot shoe adapter and not the acessory port found on the Nex 5 series cameras.

You are right, no adapter is available. Well, I guess my hvl-f20s will continue to live on shelf.

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