What is it that is so attractive about photography?

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Re: What is it that is so attractive about photography?

Hard to say which is best, buying lenses or cameras and that's not to slight bags. I have a bag for every combination of gear for when I actually want to go out and take some photos. I love reading reviews, shopping, pulling the trigger, tracking the packages, watching the UPS truck pull up and then the ultimate thrill of opening the package. Of course build quality is what matters the most to me.

When I am not buying and fiddling with my gear, I spend my time on DPR. I especially like to police the correct use of the word exposure and teach people how to determine equivalence properly and the need to shoot RAW and use Lightroom to PP, but most of all the superiority of APS-C DSLRs over FF and MILC cameras.

Either that or the satisfaction I get when I do everything right and I say "Oh Wow" when I see the result. Or maybe it is the feeling of achievement I get when I learn something new. The ultimate for me, though, is the good photos of the grandkids that preserve the memories of their growing from babies to young adults, plus the photos of the many family gatherings. And then there are the photos of our travels that help my wife and I to enjoy those memories. That and much more.

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