24-105 F4 Lens Loose Zoom Creeping

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Re: 24-105 F4 Lens Loose Zoom Creeping

Michael Boniwell wrote:


I'm starting to suspect that my Canon 24-105's zoom mechanism has become looser over time. Can anyone else with this lens confirm if they also have either of these issues:

Issue #1: Self Zooming

Pick up the lens, holding it upside down, pointed at the ground. My "self zooms" of its own accord. Very annoying when trying to shoot something on the ground or on a desktop, or even just down a deep valley.

Issue #2: Camera movement from electronic shutter vibration

Using a 5DII or similar, set to AV and F11 ISO100, and/or try to get some slower shutter speeds. Set Silent Shooting to Mode 1, Self Timer (or cable release), auto bracketing 3 shots. Inside (out of the wind) sit the camera on your desk (or tripod), open Live View, focus and press the shutter. Let it take the three shots.

Press play, zoom into 100% and compare all three. There should be zero movement, with all frames aligned exactly and each as "sharp" as the others. Mine is showing a consistent movement between frames and slight subject blurring, particularly with shutter speeds around half a second or more.

I'm not having the same problems with my other lenses and can't remember this being an issue in the past, so I'm guessing it needs to go in for repair? Or is this "normal" for this lens?

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Well, I recently bought the 5D markIII with the 25-105 mm (a month ago), and had bad news from the first day in use: the lens creeps!

I've been searching for information and right now I not sure if I must call to Canon and spend a lot of time in the repairing process or use the rubber band. By the way, the rubber band's trick works perfect, although is a little bit frustrating after paying so much money...

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