Going to give another a6000 a try

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Re: Going to give another a6000 a try

I'm starting to get used to things now myself. I came from the A57 so things were a little more simplistic on that.

But now, I'm using three different combinations of modes:

1) Simple static type shots: AF-S, flexible point (centered). Center subject, focus, recompose, shoot.

2) Moving objects on the ground (eg. kids playing): AF-C. Lock on focus start with shutter. Center subject, focus, recompose, shoot.
a) center or flexible spot (center)
b) zone focus, center region (which is really everywhere except with a strip taken off the sides).

3) Fast moving subject away from other subject, eg. bird in the sky. AF-C. Wide area focus. Just burst the crap out of it. Nearest found anything is in focus.

You can use (3) for things in the ground too, but then pick zone, and move the area of whatever-blocks it shows, up a bit, to avoid it seeing ground.

I which I could preset this in programmable modes. Then with a single click I could cycle to my next mode. Does the A6000 have this that I don't yet know about?

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