Using NEX-5, concerned about feel of a6000

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Re: Depends on who you ask...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Thanks guys, I know this was somewhat of a dumb question but since I cant handle the 6, I thought I would get some rough opinions on it. I'll most likely get a a6000 and get used to it, or find a spanking deal on the 6... we'll see.

I happen to have E-mount system for a few key reasons:
- Smaller Size
- Lower Weight
- Legacy Lens Use/Flexibility

This so called "hollow" claim makes zero sense to me. In fact, I would prefer a carbon fiber tripod that feels hollow to carry around than an aluminum tripod that feels "solid".

Yep. Camera does not feel hollow to me, at all. Of course, I've also owned an NX100 (very eggshell-like hard plastic but with a nice half case it felt much better) and an NX300 (the finish of this camera really disappointed me).

The bickering often continues onto use of composite vs full metal body as well. I find it only as a mere distraction. Give me a body that lasts for as long as I will use the camera. For everybody else, Leica just announced their candidate.

Again, yep.

With a6000, the body is actually thicker by an mm or two, compared to NEX-6, along with a better grip. And I never considered NEX-5/5N as being benchmarks in construction but as superb cameras. The same applies to a6000.

Even though the A6000 is a plastic camera vs. the metal skinned NEXes that came before, it still feels of good, solid construction and with a Gariz or similar case, I doubt most would be able to tell the difference with the metal ones.

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