AF E-mount lenses - the best of the best - - list them

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Re: AF E-mount lenses - the best of the best - - list them

Drawde Laen wrote:

okay, forget adapted lenses & forget a-mount lenses. Please list the AF E-mount lenses from any manufacture that you think are the cream of the crop.

Right now I am using the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 and the 60mm f/2.8. I personally think that theses lenses are at the top for the money,

Money wise they are really at the top, and both sharp. S60 is probably THE sharpest lens for crop.

but I would like to know what you think are the very best

I am thinking a zoom for travel might be a good idea - so what do you think of the 16-70 or the 18-105

If size is not a problem for you, then 18-105 would be my 1st choice for zoom. I compared images from this G lens to 16-70 and found that 18-105 has more uniform sharpness, meaning better corners and edges at all ranges. Money wise it is very good as well for f4 and that range.

I am also thinking a top of the line prime like the tout 32mm f/1.8 might be the ticket

I was and still am closely considering Touit 32 vs E24Z - each has its own beauties. Can't decide yet.

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