A6000 - no PDAF with 18-55 Kit lens?

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Re: Neither a gimmick nor a hoax

wb2trf wrote:

Ynos wrote:

There is a firmware update v.02 for ALL E-mount lenses to work with Fast Hybrid AF compatible cameras. I will find out soon if that update is a real deal or just a gimmik.

Your cynicism is astounding. You suppose they might engineer a firmware update as a "gimmick"? You should put it in a new thread headline to keep your negativity bubbling to the top like your "hoax" posting.

I'll bet there has never, in the history of the digital camera industry from any vendor, been a lens firmware update put out that was a "gimmick", that is, which improved nothing and was done for marketing reasons.

"Lets try a lens firmware update, maybe it will go viral on social media" That would be a gimmick.

"Sony stock rises on lens firmware update hit" never know. Those gimmicks.

Good thing this forum has alert readers like you to warn of of lens firmware update gimmicks. Don't want to fall that old trick. No way.

As usual you may have misunderstood me. Or maybe it's my fault since English is not my first language (not even second one). When i said gimmick I meant that in reality it won't be fully functional (like Sigma for example has an update, but PDAF works only in center focus spot). That's all. No need to bash again. Same was in previous thread, "hoax" was a wrong choice of words from my side. "hype" was more close to what I meant. Yet all you brave boys bashed me there right away without trying to understand what is the main purpose of the thread: to find out more detailed info about specific camera in specific mode (not just easy talk about color of bag for camera etc.)

I hope that explains this situation and I hope we will have less misunderstandings in future, because I don't have intentions to argue in that manner, but rather to have a more gear focused discussions. You are mistaken if you think that I am trying to hurt Sony image in any way. If anything it's the opposite. However, i don't like to argue with fanboys either, because I don't like fanaticism in any form, so hopefully our discussion will be more pleasant from now on.

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