Looking for low-light successor to my S3IS

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Looking for low-light successor to my S3IS

Hi all,

I am looking for a replacement for my current Canon S3IS superzoom. I've got this camera for about 7 years now and it has always served me well, exept...... low light situations.

A few years ago i became father and started taking more pictures of my family in and around the house. The S3IS is great to handle in daylight, however, when going inside and especially during the winter -period i pulled my hairs out because i couldn't take decent pictures without flash. I know the camera isn't the youngest anymore and isn't very well equipped to handle low-light situations (i originally purchased it for my vacation-tour through California which is was great for).

For the last 3 to 4 month's i am reading all i can regarding beginners-questions, gear, techniques looking to make a decent decision for the replacement-camera for my S3IS. I would like to improve on my photo-skill and am using the S3IS more and more in manual-mode (which already bumps up my pictures compared to "auto" because i now think about a shot before shooting t :-))

The difficulty i have is how much better current camera's are compared to my S3IS (regarding low light mostly). I've decided for a few musts (the list is prioritized):

  1. below eur 800,-
  2. dual-control (looking for dedicated manual control buttons)
  3. viewfinder
  4. changeable lenses
  5. low-light performance
  6. HD -video 1080p 24 + fps
  7. fast AF
  8. size

I think mirrorless will take over DSLR eventually, so my thought was to invest in the future and go mirrorless (another benefit is that mirrorless is often smaller than DLSR which increases portability). But then.., after reading more and more, i thought, DSLR use proven technology and still are professional photographers gear. Another option (instead of a top-notch mirrorless) might be to go DSLR, these might be budget-friendlier and provide a better photo-experience (better gear for the money).

My ideal camera would be the Fuji X-T1 (regarding specs) i think, but it is way over my budget, and lets face it.., this camera is not a beginners-camera (though one could grow into it over time).Other camera's i filtered for some of the musts above:

  • Sony A65
  • Fuji X-E2
  • Canon D60
  • Panasonic G6
  • Pentax K50
  • Olympus OM-D-E-M10

After this long story, my problem still is low-light (in house -pictures of my kids when it is dark outside, i would like to shoot without flash), i can't compare current camera's with my S3IS so i am not shure what to aim for (m4-3, APS-C, full-frame, which one is sufficient)

Hopefully you can comment on my story and answer some of my (indirect) questions.

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