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Re: Bird thread - with Canon FF camera's

Kevin G. wrote:

Very nice Kenny! I've been waiting for the Tamron now for about 1 1/2 months, no idea when it will be available.

I like your images - I'm presuming these are full frame with little cropping? As you know with a full frame camera, you are disadvantaged somewhat with reach. I've been shooting with the 5DIII (coming from the 7D) and using the 300mm f/4 with a 1.4 TC. It is really not enough, even when shooting larger birds.

One thing you may enjoy doing is try shooting some larger birds, especially in-flight, for practice. It is very hard to do this with the smaller ones. Anyway what I do is always use AI Servo when shooting, usually center point expanded (sometimes zone), and I also use back button focusing. I shoot aperture priority and adjust ISO so that I get a decent shutter speed, especially for BIF (at least 1/1600). Recently I tried shooting smaller perched birds at my feeder in the backyard, after taping some branches to the feeder to act as perches. In order to get close enough, I used my car parked in the drive, acting as a hide, as close to the feeder as possible and shot out the window! These are all slightly cropped, but they still have a lot of detail. Here are a few of mine from the feeder, plus a few BIF.



Carolina Wren

Carolina Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse

Black Vulture

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Thanks for nice words Kevin.

Yes, my birds pictures indeed are with 6D FF and Tamron 150-600mm lens, but unfortunately they're with heavily cropped to around 4~10MP size, from original 20M of 6D in order for the birds to look big.

The past few days, I've learned something from other birds photographers here in Singapore. I've come to agreed with you and them, for large birds BIF shots, a 500~600mm lens attached on a FF camera preferable. However, it's not the same story for small breed bird shots. Unless the small bird are nesting on a short tree branches, FL will always seem like not enough.

Yes agreed, large birds BIF was fun to shoot. Well the small one should be the pain in the butt for everyone.

The AI Servo mode on 11-AF points 6D probably not well implement and responsive when compare to 5D3, So instead of relying on it, I've shoot small birds with the Tamron lens on constant manual focusing, auto ISO, manual mode with 1/2000~1/4000 high shutter speed. If light condition permitted I'll choose aperture F8~11, if not F5~6.3.

You are one of the some lucky guy to have backyard where you can place some feeder to attract birds to fly near to your house and you're able to capture them in short distsance. In large contrary (and sadly), most of us in Singapore who live in multi-storey apartment block most of our lifetime does not able to enjoy similar experience.

Shoot from hiding in a car was a nice tips. I did have a chance before to shoot in this quite idea hide-out and got shots like below.

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