A Fascinating Fuji X-E2 Vs. Leica T Comparison Blog Post

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Re: A Fascinating Fuji X-E2 Vs. Leica T Comparison Blog Post

biza43 wrote:

Bigheadtaco wrote:

Point 3: Yes, Leica makes very good lenses... but so does Fuji. Many don't realize that Fuji has been making cameras and lenses since the 1940's, and have made many innovations. They made medium and large format cameras and lenses, they created a very unique line of medium format rangefinder cameras, autofocus medium format rangefinder cameras, fullframe 35mm panorama cameras (re-branded the Hasselblad XPAN in N.America), etc. Fuji has been making lenses and cameras for a very long time.

Yes they do, and I know that. But the point remains that Fuji's business model is very different from Leica's. Leica go to great lengths to market almost no-compromise lenses (currently with the M and S system), robust and simple to use cameras. And that comes with a price. To me, the new T is a sort of Leica "for the new generation", with the touch screen operation and inclusion of GPS and WiFi. This is very clear to me. I always watch about the lenses, and it seems like the T primes will be very high quality, in the good old Leica tradition.

Other brands, like Fuji and Olympus (who also makes very good lenses BTW...) have tried in the digital age to go the retro style at a more affordable price, compared to Leica.

Sorry for such a long reply. Thanks for taking the time to look at my review. I'll be getting the Leica T again soon for a full review, and I'll be getting the M Monochrom again at the end of the month for a second review.


Looking forward to it.

Hi Paulo,

You are correct, Leica is a luxury brand camera company that has cut out a niche market for themselves. In the areas where they don't have the time or money to develop cameras, they re-brand Panasonic's and charge a premium (during the film days, I think they partnered with Samsung on some models to make small point and shoots, but I could be wrong on this point).

For me, that's ok, they are a business and they need to make money. They have gaps in their product line and they need to fill it. Dr.Kauffman is a smart business man and he helped bring Leica out of the red. Plus, Panasonic makes great cameras (I used the LX-3 for years as my main street photography camera). When it comes to their core products (M system) they take it very seriously and so do their customers. They realize they must live up to their reputation and makes sure not only is the products made at high quality (I never understood the super low rez rear LCD screens), but even the packaging reflects and justifies the high price. It's no different than buying a Rolex.

Is the T at the same level of the M? Since the body is only twice the price of the Japanese competition (if we can even call it 'competition'), and the lenses are made in Japan and not Germany, it's fair to say it's not being treated at the M level. It doesn't mean it won't take great pictures, or that the quality is subpar. We can see by the videos that the quality is super high, and I can tell you first hand that it feels great. Plus, me being Japanese, I have no issues with made in Japan quality (I loved the Yashica-Kyocera era of Contax cameras).

As soon as I get a copy of the 23mm F/2 Summicron T I will test it out. I'm sure it'll be superb! I hope that they will come out with some special edition, made in Germany, manual only (no focus by wire) lenses in the future. I'm hopeful for this new T system, and I'm happy they decided to innovate and not replicate (which would be ironic since Fuji replicated them with the X-series!!).


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