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Interesting.  The implication here and the suggestion in others posts is that this is somehow semi-destructive.  On my camera, all lenses start with a value of zero, and you can offset each lens (which gets recognized by the camera when its attached) using a single parameter slider.  Resetting the value to zero for each lens (or I suspect resetting the camera itself will put all lenses back to default) is all that is needed to return it to its original position so I don't get the need to be so careful here.  You're not taking a screwdriver to anything.  

Is it done differently on other cameras?


ajscullard wrote:

As darklamp says, unless you really know what you are doing and you have sufficient experience to analyse your results well enough to ascertain correctly why a shot is not sharp enough, then you need to think carefully about dong any MA. You may end up making things worse so be sure you have some way of resetting the lens(es) to the original settings.

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