SX50,The eye of the needle Macro Study

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SX50,The eye of the needle Macro Study

Passing the time on a rainy day.

These images are all SOOC, no PP what so ever. I shot them at my desk this morning using two 23 watt spiral CFL fluorescent lamps pulled in tight within 2 inches of the needle for lighting(no flash).

They are all shot in the "P" Mode with all camera settings at factory default. See captions for further info.

BTW,the camera rest was a Rice Bag,not a Bean Bag,,,smile. It is not to stable, the rice wants to keep moving after you position it and you lose focus. You have to wait for that PITA movement. My wife made it for me. I have a friend who is going to make me a macro rail that he and I designed but he has been seriously ill for several months and may never get around to it. Sure I could buy one but wanted the one we designed, so I'm waiting.


Just a plain old  P Mode non Macro.

I backed way up on this one (about 3 feet) shot in P Mode with Macro selected at 50X,not a good idea.

P Mode,Macro selected and a Raynox 150,in close.

P Mode,Macro selected and a Raynox 250, in close.

P Mode, Macro selected and stacked Raynox 150/250, in close.

P Mode, Macro selected using a Hybrid custom lens in close that equates to 33 diopters,DOF is really thin which you can see from the thread being OOF and the needle eye being okay. Still experimenting with this.

Flat view
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