Panasonic 150mm 2.8 Doomed Before Its Release??

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Re: Panasonic 150mm 2.8 Doomed Before Its Release??

Valentinian wrote:

ijm5012 wrote:

I still don't get this Panasonic/Olympus "rivalry" that people think exists. They share the same platform, they're not competing against one another in the way Canon and Nikon do. It's a great lens that fills a void in the m43 lens line-up, and I'm certain Olympus and Panasonic users are happy about that.

right. maybe that's why Olympus will release a 300mm/f4, while Panasonic the 150mm/f2.8.

They clearly have some sort of cooperation going on as they tend to not go head to head in lenses and bodies - i.e., they don't have bodies that have the same features/specs nor do they have lenses that share the same focal length/aperture.

My interest in the 150/2.8 is for landscape work so fast AF is not an issue, while across the frame sharpness certainly is.  If it's in the same league of sharpness as the 75/1.8 I'll be a very happy camper . . .

Any word on size and weight?

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