I need some eBay thoughts on a 7D I sold.

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Re: I need some eBay thoughts on a 7D I sold.

This is what I think you should do:

Proactively contact PayPal on your own. Why? Because if they're going to rule in her favor anyway, then you want to get on the ball and immediately offer her a courteous and speedy refund. Avoid the worst-case scenario, which is: PayPal gives her a refund and she's so angry at you that she damages the camera.

Explain to PayPal that, as the photographs show, the camera is very clean. It was advertised as five years old, and so it has some very minor wear, but it is fully operational.

Second, explain to PayPal that the 7D is a professional, high performance camera and it does not operate like the ordinary Canon cameras that she's familiar with. I owned a Canon EOS film SLR and an EOS digital SLR, and I experienced the difficulties tag she did, until I learned how to operate (these are the important words) this "professional grade camera."

You referred her to a community of online experts, and she refused them.

Last of all, she did not identify a single defect with the camera. She is having difficulty understanding how to use it, and you are not responsible for that. Good luck!

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