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Re: Focus Fine Tune

I'm with darklamp on this one. Microfocus Adjustment is primarily there to help experienced users or professional technicians to compensate for tolerance mismatches between bodies and lenses.

OK, I've got many years of camera experience from manual focus lenses on 35mm and 6x6 medium-format film cameras through to top-end full-frame digital autofocus, so if I get a shot that isn't sharp I can figure out what the problem was. And I've never known it to be the fault of the camera or the lens.

So for a long time I didn't attempt any micro-adjustment as I figured I could only make things worse. But Reikan's FoCal software gave me a recoverable way to try it out. It worked fine on one camera body (Canon 1DsIII) and a set of "L" lenses but failed totally with the same lenses on another version of exactly the same camera body (go figure). Reikan support wasn't able to find the reason or a cure, but I may try it again sometime.

Did the MA make any discernible difference? Well, the numbers showed that most lenses were adjusted by a small amount, and one or two lenses had a fairly large (>10) adjustment. However in practice I didn't see a major difference. If the shots weren't in focus it was still down to my error, one way or another (too low a shutter speed, bad placement of focus point, etc.). In some critical situations (narrow DOF) there was a small improvement. Probably worth the investment in money and time, so no complaint about the software.

As darklamp says, unless you really know what you are doing and you have sufficient experience to analyse your results well enough to ascertain correctly why a shot is not sharp enough, then you need to think carefully about dong any MA. You may end up making things worse so be sure you have some way of resetting the lens(es) to the original settings.

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