Using NEX-5, concerned about feel of a6000

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Re: Using NEX-5, concerned about feel of a6000

photonion wrote:

Muga, I was in the same dilemma as you are. I was still using my trusty NEX-5 (until yesterday ) and wanted to upgrade to something better (EVF, better sensor, better focusing), since the NEX6 has gone (body only) around 430USD.

I have a Nex-5 and Nex-6.  The 6 is an upgrade in just about every way, but oddly, the Nex-5 seems heavier.  Also, if you want to be compact, the Nex-5 also has a distinct advantage.  With a pancake lens, I can stuff it uncomfortably in my jeans pockets -- not quite for the Nex-6.

But the Nex-6 is also nice, if a lighter feel.  I kind of like that, actually; it doesn't have to be a negative.

Both cameras have a good grip you can hook your fingers around.

So, the Nex-6 is my go-to camera.  What do I do with my Nex-5?  For now, it's my spare, or sometimes my travel camera, particularly when I don't expect to really need a camera.  It's less conspicuous, and still gives high quality results (although not as good as the newer cameras).  If I lose it, I'll not be quite as upset.  But on a trip where I want some higher-quality results, the Nex-6 wins.  The 6 has some nice subtle upgrades over the 5.  EFC is really helpful for giving faster response, but P-shift mode is also very useful.  The PDAF is controversial, but I think also makes a huge difference.

In my opinion, apart from NEX7, no other NEX camera feels as well built as the original (magnesium body) NEX-5. The full metal construction of the original is unbeatable and after 4 years of use mine still feels as solid as a tank.

I had the chance to play around with an a6000 and a NEX-6 and my first impression is the following: The a6000 wins hands down in ergonomics (the tri-navi like layout works a billion times better than the dial-on-dial setup of the NEX-6). Built-quality-wise the NEX-6 feels a bit more 'solid' (the a6000 feels a bit more toy-like), but don't expect that you will get the same kind of quality you had on the original.

My main problem with the Nex-6 is that there are a couple of ergonomic changes that would have made a nice difference.  Like, more customization, and better use of the dials (sometimes the rear dial could be used better in some modes -- the camera has two dials, might as well make use of them!).

Since you mentioned focus:

Both NEX-6 and a6000 are a huge step ahead compared to the original NEX-5 in daylight. Concerning AF-S and AF-C performance of the a6000 there are already a lot of threads around. You can judge by yourself.

Unfortunately, low light focusing is still crap on both cameras (sad but true) and I think you will still be using DMF quite a lot in the dark. Here is an a6000 against competition, though I have no clue how fair his test is (settings on both cameras etc.).

Unless light is very low, I find the Nex-6 to be fine.  Seems better than the 5 to me, though I haven't done hard-core scientific comparisons -- just thinking about similar situations.

Oh! and by the way the focusing assist lamp DOES work on the a6000 (but not on NEX-6, as usual for all NEXes)

All in all, both the a6000 and the NEX6 are great cameras. If you can afford the a6000 and prefer its ergonomics go for it. If it's too expensive the NEX-6 will do you no wrong. On the contrary it's a HUGE upgrade over the original 5 and a camera that you will definitely love (as I already do on my 1 day symbiosis with it)!

Hope I helped a bit!

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