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Re: Should be avoided by inexperienced users

Why is it only a recent addition?

It's not exactly a new feature as you could access this through debug menus ( if you knew how to do that ) on many models for a long time now.

Like many features it has been creeping down from top end gear to low end gear as the marketing departments try to add things to draw customers. However it is notable that more useful photographic features are used as a primary differentiator between different pricing tiers. This should tell you how relatively minor a feature MFA is.

Note that MFA is generally regarded as pretty pointless with a zoom lens, as you can only set a correction for a given focal length in the range. In doing so you're likely to change the behavior at all focal lengths in the range.

So it's really a very specialized tool.

And to answer the question. Do you have it, do you use it?

What difference does it make to you if I ( or anyone else ) uses something ?

Either you need it or you want it or you don't.

Most beginners should, as I have said, avoid this feature like the plague. Not having would not cripple their photography, IMO. In fact it's a distraction from identifying the real ways to improve their photography.

It's like people trying to improve their cornering by fine tuning the suspension instead of looking at how they handle the steering wheel. The former only works if you've already nailed the later.

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