anyone by chance make a rule of 3rds back LCD protector for D800?!?

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Re: anyone by chance make a rule of 3rds back LCD protector for D800?!?

JJ168 wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

I presume you are talking live view as using phase detect there are 2 horizontal lines and 4 points very close to the "thirds" displayed in the viewfinder.


Not sure what you mean by the above.

Here is a pic of the D800's view finder (not the LCD display on the back of the D800):

The black lines are the default lines that are displayed by the camera.

The red lines are "rule of thirds" lines I have added to the pic.

As can be seen, the red lines are not in the same location as the black lines and the intersection points do not correspond either. They are definitely not "the "thirds" displayed in the viewfinder" as you stated above.


There is some good info to be had if you'll sift through the following thread over on Fred Miranda's board. It won't give you an LCD cover that displays the rule of thirds lines, but it may open you up to checking out Golden Mean and Dynamic Symmetry as Robin Casady's post suggests.

Here's the start of the thread:

Here's Robin's post (first on page 3):

Hope that helps...


Why can't one use the AF point that close to the rule of third? I am sure those points don't move around.

Regarding aligning horizontal line, those 51 AF points again can act like a line to me.

The "problem" is, that they don't show... only active point is "on" or visible...

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