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Started May 13, 2014 | Discussions thread
darklamp Senior Member • Posts: 3,567
Should be avoided by inexperienced users

So this is a relatively recent addition at least to consumer level cameras, presumably because the resolution has become significant enough to show problems in lens focus.

No, that's not what it's for.

It's because the tolerances to which lens mounts and lenses are made make it impossible to guarantee that the intended focal plane will be precisely where the designers intended.

For the vast majority of camera and lens combinations the differences are not detectable outside a lab, and certainly are less than the normal errors due to user error ( wrong focus point, depth of field issues, etc. ).

But for those unfortunate combinations where the tolerances combine to make the effect worse, the facility to adjust focus in this way exists.

For those who have the function, I'm curious as to whether you use it, or leave it alone.

It should be noted that detecting and correctly diagnosing the issue is something that the vast majority of inexperienced users will get completely wrong. Inexperienced users should not use micro focus adjustment.

Beginners like to blame the equipment. The reality is that focus issues are almost all caused by the user's lack of skill, wild expectations and lack of key knowledge ( like depth of field ) which they never bother to learn.

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