Choosing between 50mm and 85mm on DX

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Choosing between 50mm and 85mm on DX

I want to buy a lens for portraiture with my Nikon D5100. Now, I'm torn between 85mm 1.8G and 50mm 1.8G.



Excellent photo quality.

Perfect for portrait photography.


The 85mm is almost three times costlier than the 50mm.

Focal length a bit long for indoor use.



Can be used indoor.


According to several websites, 50mm creates a perspective distortion that renders unflattering headshots.


Which one is more suited for portraiture on a DX sensor? And what about perspective distortion with the 50mm?

How different is the image quality and colored rendered by the two lenses? i understand that the bokeh rendered by the 85mm is creamier, but what about color quality?

One more thing: 85mm doesn't have IS. Won't it be a problem if I want down to stop down the aperture without cranking up the ISO?

And lastly, I've heard a lot about how 50mm becomes 75mm on DX. I've also heard contradicting assertions stating that 50mm is the focal length of the lens which remains constant, irrespective of the sensor format. My query: How does focal length affect the picture? I mean, if I take a picture with 75mm lens on FX and the same picture with a 50mm on DX, what will be the difference between the two shots?

Nikon D5100
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