anyone by chance make a rule of 3rds back LCD protector for D800?!?

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Easy DIY Solution

Jeff31M wrote:

Yes, it may sound silly, but I quite wish Nikon would have added it to the grid options on the D800e that I own.

I am so used to using it on previous cameras that I miss it. I do use it a lot, as I find it's what I find a good crop to, and it helps me even horizons best.

I could TRY make my own, by simply measuing then just cutting some lines with an X-acto night, but it would require some heavy precision.

Cant find anything on Ebay, but maybe I am searching the wrong places.....

Thanks for any possible help!

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You can print out some lines on a laser printer on some clear transparency used for overhead projectors.

You buy that at an office supply store and download a free and simple sketch or drawing program to create the lines.

Do a test run on paper to check the size and then print the same thing on a transparency.

Just cut and tape the transparency over the back screen.

That way you can take it off when you don't need it.

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