Going to give another a6000 a try

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Re: Going to give another a6000 a try

NeilJones wrote:

I decided to purchase the a6000 kit this time and see if it performs better than the one I sent back because I was very disappointed with the tracking af.

Still also have the zeiss 24mm to try on it.

Wish me luck!

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IMHO (and this all is just my assumptions based on all info I acquired so far). Ironically tracking AF in A6000 IMHO will work best if you will not let the camera decide where to focus or track, but instead keep central focus on object yourself. It basically defeats the purpose of tracking by some margin, but it gets the job done. Basically tracking in this case would be just aiming at target to keep focus on it and panning the camera along. Actually it is most natural way to do tracking - kinda like video shooting. So ironically, despite all this talk about finding better settings (settings are still important of course) and knowing your camera, it turns out that best approach is to treat A6000 like a handycam, rather than just keep object in frame and allow A6k to decide where in the frame it wants to put focus. It is in essence making a camera do just usual AF-S focusing (which it does quickly) and doing tracking yourself - silly and simple, but if it gets better keeper rates, why not? I'm going to try exactly that and will report back my findings soon. (ordered A6k).

Good Luck to you too.

P.S. If my findings turn out true - than Kudos to Sony for making a best family camera (kinda opposite of what some users are saying here). IMHO I still think it is a moms and dads kinda camera, it has iAuto and iAuto+ and possibly it is the best way to track and shoot. Maybe it was initial intention of Sony to make most of work done by camera, with leaving control for user to do the aiming, panning etc. What I mean (and don't get me wrong, it's good to have RAW options and PASM modes and all controls) is that some users here make simple things too complicated by messing the settings and trying for camera to do tracking by itself. Many reviews get dissapointing results just because of that. Anyway, we'll see.

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