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Re: Price fixing is illegal, isn't it?

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I ordered one with the $70 + $25 off, I do live in Canada. Thanks for posting this! I've been on the fence between ordering an a6000 or an X-E1 for a couple of weeks, and finally decided last night to stick with Sony.

How did you get the $25 off? You can see that the CHAT guy said there was no $25 coupon.

Just pasted in a coupon code.... I already got a confirmation showing the $70 & $25 discounts. Just so the US people don't feel too hard done by, there is $72 tax added, so the final price is $627.99.

Did you buy it through the Chat Line? Or through the automated ordering system? If the latter, did you get a confirmation?

Don't the US people have to pay any sales tax, or VAT tax?

I ordered last Friday, got $125 off camera (w/coupon) and $100 off the lens, no tax, free shipping to US. Got an automated confirmation email soon after that. Now waiting for a cancellation email, I don't think they will honor that order. Otherwise it would have been a really sweet deal.

Same here. I ordered from the U.S. on Friday, got an automated acknowledgement congratulating me for having qualified for the purchase, but no confirmation with order number or customer number has come. Since nothing happened today, I am ready to assume that indeed this deal does not cross borders. I wonder has long it will take to be notified of cancellation.


I got my cancellation email -- just as messed up as their ordering system:

The order that you placed on 2014-05-09 23:44:44 has been cancelled.
Order cancellation date: 5/12/2014 2:04 PM
Your order was cancelled for the following reason: Non-US Order/Request

I guess they meant "US Order" not "Non-US Order". Oh well, never mind ordered one from B&H, I had a bunch of their reward cards that would be expiring anyway.

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