GX7 and EM1 battle it out at TulipFest

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GX7 and EM1 battle it out at TulipFest

Warm and sunny out today, and the annual Albany TulipFest blooms were PERFECT. Usually by this far into Spring, the tulips are getting a little ragged, but because of our prolonged winter this year, today was about as peak as it could possibly get.

I took the GX7 and the EM1, with the intention of comparing the output on them both. I used the PL45mm macro and the 100-300mm, swapping them between the cameras and making the rounds of the flowers twice.

Verdict? Well...six of one, half dozen of the other. And, the 45mm macro is one HECK of a nice lens.

EM1 wins on the EVF, and metering in tough bright situations. It also focuses faster and locks focus better than the GX7.  (Note:  I had both cameras set to center weighted metering...next time in this type of high DR lighting situation, I will try the multi-metering mode...it might even things out a bit).

GX7 wins on UI and my very most favorite shots of the day came from it.

The only area that the EM1 consistently does better at is at not blowing the red channel when there are highly saturated red subjects in bright light (red tulips are tough subjects for cameras).

Once again, I am left with the impression that the sensors are fundamentally similar, but the way the cameras interpret the information captured (the basic internal image processor) is responsible for most of the differences in output. RAW images from both cameras end up remarkable close after PP (with the exception of those shots with very hot reds, which when blown badly are not easily recoverable).

I am going to repeat some of this, if I can, with the GM1 vs the GX7 to see if the oversaturated red channel output is present to the same degree on the GM1 as it is on the GX7. The two cameras are supposed to have the same image processor, but who knows...they may have tweaked it a bit by the time they released the GM1.

And I still have not decided which of the two cameras I am going to keep......Should probably sell them both and get the GH4 (ha ha ha, like I need to switch AGAIN).

Without further ado, a few shots from today.


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