try-out with 24 MP A6000? is higher MP better than 16MP Fuji?

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Re: try-out with 24 MP A6000? is higher MP better than 16MP Fuji?

jennyrae wrote:

I get loaned with A6000 and 16-70/f4 lens. since I read discussion on MP count resolution, I think this is good time to share my thoughts and experience with A6000 so far.

let me say that I have to applaud Sony for this camera especially for it's AF tracking. they really did remarkable job. this makes motion and video photography good. very fast, accurate and responsive.

however, after comparing it with my X-T1, I find it underwhelming as far as viewfinder and picture quality is concerned.

I not know if it is lens fault or limitation of lens on 24MP sensor, but I find results underwhelming. I not say it's bad, it is still very good. but for 1k+ premium, it is decent quality only or not worth it. is this work of AA filter? is this really a Zeiss lens? results I see is reminiscent of NEX-7 where issued NEX lenses are very poor on it. but this is CZ issued lens, yes? I still find it hard to swallow and difficult to process thinking it cannot do as good as Fuji XF 18-55 which is way cheaper and half-cost. is higher MP count of 24MP culprit? it is possible also, considering lens may be out-resolved by sensor. I cannot try lens on lower MP E-mount Sony camera because I not have body but wish to see if result become better. but so far combination with this lens and the camera is not happy feeling and felt cheated. can only imagine if lens was Sony kitlens. maybe worse.

any experience also?

I haven't used the A6000 but the NEX 7 and other cameras that use the Sony 24mp sensors produce excellent results.   The 16-70 is a good lens but it is still a lens designed to cover a wide range and that always brings some level of compromise.   It also seems like there are more reported QC issues with this lens than should be expected - quite a few reports of decentering especially.   But if you get a copy that doesn't suffer from the QC issues then it is a really good lens.   The other most common complaint I've seen is the price but if you compare to the other APS-C or FF zooms that are constant f4 and cover the same range then the price isn't out of line especially if the get it on sale or in a camera+lens bundle.

Regardless, I think you're reaching with the comments about limitation of lens on 24mp sensor, trying a lower MP camera, etc.  You might just have a preference for the Fuji sensor and/or the 18-55 while others prefer the Sony system.   IMO, the advantage that Fuji has is not with the sensor or the zooms - it is the prime lenses like the 14, 23, 35, and 56.   The Sony E mount system has a couple of good primes but it can't match Fuji.

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