I need some eBay thoughts on a 7D I sold.

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Re: I need some eBay thoughts on a 7D I sold.

sailaway78 wrote:

Unless you offered 30 days, I would tell her she owns it. No way could anyone expect a given shutter count, nor a problem after 30 days. And her complaint about the flash, you didn't sell her a flash. If she complains to ebay, they will look at both sides and make the decision. I would tell her adios. I think the previous post is correct, she either wanted it for a project, or wanted a test drive to see if she liked it, or was smart enough to use it.

I have had some experience with this.  I sold a lens that the customer came back 2 weeks later and said it wasn't as described.  He claimed it didn't work, which it did.  Probably just decided they wanted a different camera, or as someone else said, used it for what they wanted and now don't need it anymore.  Sounds like an expert at playing ebay.  How did she pay?  If it was paypal, you are completely out of luck.  They will rip the money back.  When that happened to me, I talked with a paypal rep who said that if a complaint is lodged as not described within 30 days, they almost always side with the customer.  Adding a disclaimer about not taking returns is really just a waste of keystrokes.  Hopefully it will go better for you, but that's what happened to me.

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