Nikon 200-400 f4 testing

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AlexandreH wrote:

Nice weather is finally back to go outside and do some testing. Now have a Gitzo 5 series and Wimberley Gimbal. It does help to take pics at 400mm and above.

Last year I was unable to get any decent pics with the 200-400 with the TC-17.

Was finally able to get pretty decent shots this year. Difference is a sturdy support and usage of LiveView autofocus. With the 200-400 alone or with the TC-14 I can focus precisely as long as for distant objects (100 meters +) I set the fine tuning to "minus 8". But with the TC-17 nothing was sharp. Using LiveView gives pretty good shots as long as you crank it to f9.

Latest results are for my lens copy:

200-350mm: Excellent wide open

350-400mm: Excellent at f5 and f5.6. f4 and f4.5 have loss of contrast and aberration on bright subjects

Autofocus requires fine tuning à -8 on long range shooting or usage of live view focusing (more accurate)

200-400mm + 1.4x : Great results at f8

200-400mm + 1.7x: Good results at f9. LiveView focusing is a must

Live view for motion tracking AF?

no no, liveview only for still objects or something moving slowly

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