XA1 arriving soon..............

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Re: XA1 arriving soon..............

Ed Steichen wrote:

and at these prices, I think it is a very good deal.

That's an understatement.

I did buy a thumb grip though, which I highly recommend to improve the handling.

Which one did you get? I'm thinking of the Kiwi, which includes a bubble level (horizontal orientation only).

AF is fine for me. I've done some street shooting with it, and while not as fast as a dslr, I find it plenty quick and have learned to accommodate it's speed.

For stills, I'm not sure how much faster the AF needs to be...and it's very precise.

Wants: A viewfinder would be nice, but I also love using the tilting screen, especially with old, manual lenses. An electronic level would be nice, and so would color peaking. But for the money, I believe it to be a fine camera.

Every time I find myself thinking like this, I'm reminded of how little I paid for the kit...and give myself a slap in the face. Still, I'm hoping that a future firmware update will add a few niceties.

All this said, my X-A1 is about to be joined by an X-E1 very shortly, so I will soon have a better sense of how it compares to other Fuji cameras. I decided that given the prices of the X-E1 right now I would make that plunge as well. The X-A1 has made me a Fuji fan and I decided having two light weight bodies will come in handy when I don't want to be changing lenses in the field. Plus, now I will have a viewfinder for those brightest of days.

I have the opportunity to buy a second hand X-E1 with hand grip, thumb grip and remote shutter for $500. I not tempted, however

I hope this is helpful. I really love the X-A1, hope you do too.

Likewise. Always glad to learn about another happy customer.

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