no point in buying a mirrorless camera

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Dumb suggestion... until you mentioned CHDK

adymitruk wrote:

If the awesome a6000 comes with the 16-50, you might as well just buy a used Canon g11 for regular photography - or some macro. Throw on some alternate firmware like chdk to get bracketing, etc.

Not trolling. serious suggestion.

Same with the nex-7/18-55...


Canon has not made a sensor with the dynamic range of an A6000, and that makes a huge difference even if you had a lousy lens... which the 16-50mm really isn't. There's really no contest in IQ here except under conditions where the average cell phone competes fairly well too. There is also the fact that interchangeable lenses don't help unless you have at least two lenses.  

However, CHDK makes a huge difference in favor of Canon PowerShots (and an EOS-M is even tolerable using ML). There are lots of useful things one can do with a little programming, and I'm not just talking about bracketing: I've done things like depth-from-focus and 360-degree imaging off a reflective sphere with all processing in-camera. Sony has been carefully preventing people like me from doing those things in their cameras. In many cases, having a decent power zoom lens, like those Canons do, is also a win for programming because it makes everything controllable... which certainly isn't the case for my beloved manual lens collection on Sony E/FE bodies.

In sum, I actually use more Canon PowerShots under CHDK than any other type of camera. Perhaps it would be more correct to say I cause more of those cameras to take photos, because I'm usually not even there when they are taking the photos for me. In fact, I prefer the sub-$100 PowerShots... because they're cheaper, smaller, and offer very similar performance to the pricier Canons. However, if I want to get the highest technical quality or make (not just take) photos, a Sony with a few old manual lenses is really in a different class altogether.

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