anyone by chance make a rule of 3rds back LCD protector for D800?!?

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Re: anyone by chance make a rule of 3rds back LCD protector for D800?!?

Bunza wrote:

MPA1 wrote:

Never understood why anyone puts plastic covers on pro bodies.

I'm glad you've had good experience but your sample size is only one.

The LCD can get broken with a protector or may never get a scratch without one.

A protection screen lowers the odds of scratching or breaking the LCD.

As with all gambling, people just have varying degrees of risk tolerance.

So, the only thing to understand is that others are different from you.

Personally I didn't like how the supplied plastic LCD protectors scratch so I bought one from Vello that's coated optical glass.

If it breaks, it's insured.

If it suffers a fall severe enough to do that, it is clearly not likely to be the only damage it suffers so it would be going for repair anyway. Nikon obviously see no issue as they don't include covers with the bodies - at least not for the D3 bodies I have and I assume not for the other high end bodies.

And this is from Ellis Vener who's also a longtime Nikon user (Vener commercial clients): "According to the briefings with the D3 engineers back in August in Tokyo and Sendai that I went to, Nikon is using specially formulated tempered optical grade glass to cover the LCD screen on the D3. You might need a hammer or a rock to crack it or scratch it."

On the high end bodies, the screen thing is just a marketing grab for extra cash....

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