Danube River Cruise Suggestions

Started May 12, 2014 | Discussions thread
minniev Senior Member • Posts: 2,902
Re: Two cameras and two lenses. That's all.

My advice on this is to leave the tripod at home and use that luggage weight for something you may really use like an extra pair of sturdy hiking shoes. My tripod never left its case. Likewise the long zoom. I used the 40-150 a bit for boat-to-shore photos. The smallest/lightest-weight solution would be my choice for my own needs since you lug it over great walking distances for hours at a time through shoulder to shoulder crowds. On these walking tours, I kept the camera on a sling strap and just wore it, there just wasn't time to take it in and out of a bag. I was thankful I was an m43 user. A couple of folks wagging big canikons were really miserable.

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