50 f/1.8 $200, 35 f/1.8 $400: WHY???

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Re: Frustrating isn't it? No. Buy sigma.

Itamath wrote:

I bought a sigma 30 2.8 i dont neeed the oss at this kind of lens and i get very nice results. Its not 1.8 so i lose some dof control but i got it used and its very cheep for such a nice lens. I might get the 50 1.8 for portraits.

I wouldn't mind lack of OSS on 30mm as well, but for me it's more about exposure (meaning low-light and staying out of highISO noise), so f1.8 is very handy. f2.8 is not that much different than kit lens at f3.5. So combined: lack of OSS with f2.8 - is not a big advantage over kit zoom at f3.5 with OSS. Decisions, decisions... to each its own.

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