NP-FW50 Weight - varies

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Re: NP-FW50 Weight - varies

Ynos wrote:

Son Of Mustang Ford wrote:

Ynos wrote:

All batteries last same amount of time. Maybe there are some fake ones that are really bad. I haven't encountered them luckily.

No, they really don't. The original (Sony) battery that was supplied with my Nex-3 is still able to hold enough charge to take about 100 pictures. The next summer I bought a cheap (ebay) spare - it was fine for about a year but nowadays holds it's charge for about 10 (yes, ten) pictures if I am lucky. The following summer I bought a more expensive copy on Amazon (it had a German name), this one was 'good' for longer, but now I am lucky if I get 30 shots out of it.

Well, I was specifically talking about my batteries Wasabi vs Sony - those last about same. Should have been more specific. As for ebay cheap batteries I agree there are some really bad ones.

I've heard good things about Wasabi, cost-wise they seem to be between the genuine article and the cheap ebay copies. I don't mind a copy as long as it is 'honest' i.e. doesn't have Sony written all over it - I think if someone is putting their name on it then you stand half a chance of getting something good (hence I was more disappointed with the 'German-named' copy than I was with the really cheap copy)


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