D4 or D800E for birds?

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Re: D4 or D800E for birds?

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Nice image. You are right the V3 frame rate puts even a D4s in the shade. Just received my V3 today and hopeful it can add something to the birders bag.

Nice to come across someone who has enough brain activity to know a good birding camera when they read the specs. I will be interested to see how the new CX 70-300 will perform, can you imagine that sort of range + portability? Otherwise hopefully the new 300 F4 will be a step up in clarity. Good luck with your new camera and I saw your flickr page, the bat shot at night was pretty cool.

Yes the acid test will be the new CX 70-300vr lens. With a V3 if as sharp or more likely sharper than the 30-110 it will be an amazing lightweight birding combo with potential to do things even a D4s can't do. I am testing it out this week with the 300f4 and 80-400vrafsG lens. Should be interesting.

Thanks for your kind comment on the bats.

Sorry for butting in gentlemen but I am interested in the AF performance of the V2 or 3 with the F mount lenses such as the 300/F4. Is it compromised or is it as good as a CX lens? How does the ISO of the V2/3 compare with the 7100? Presumably a stop or so worse? Thanks!

Too early to tell as I only got it this week. I will report on the N1 forum as I get used to using the V3 for birding. I will also add V3 images to my FlickR gallery below.I can say this though. The AF with the Ft1 is no different to the V1 with AFC available at the centre point only. It focuses fast and if the lens has a limiter like the 300f4 without fuss. It is even faster with the 80-400afsG vr. The new CX 70-300 will be the big game changer if it is as sharp as early mtf charts suggest. The iso is a stop better than the V1 as far as I can tell so far. That's a big difference especially and maybe in part because of the higher resolution.

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