Battery advice please

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Battery advice please

I know, this has been done to death and no, I'm not too lazy to use the search function.

I'm coming to the DP2-Merrill party late after over 4 years with the original DP2. At current prices it was just too good to ignore.

Camera arrives in a few weeks (already in the house but I have to wait for Birthday) but amongst the various accessories I'm putting together, it is clear from reviews that I'll need a couple of spare batteries at least.

My question for UK residents is: has anyone tried the batteries available on Amazon UK via this search?

Brand New BTBAI® battery (2x pieces) for ricoh camera DB-60 DB60 DB-65 DB65

(I tried copying the URL but it screwed the window width!)

I've scoured through previous threads regarding batteries, but apart from one comment saying they were going to give them a try, I have not seen any other comments about this make.

The spec looks good and there are plenty of options of 2,3 or 4 batteries with or without charger. So seems an attractive option, but no use at all if they are not going to fit. The cut outs look big enough from previous discussions/illustrations, but I'm aware there can be issues with non OEM batteries being too tight for the Merrills.

Does anyone have any direct experience of this make, or failing that can anyone suggest an alternative available from a UK supplier that doesn't need modification?

Thanks for any input (and apologies to those who have been there, read the book seen the film...)


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