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Re: XA1 arriving soon..............

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

I don't think it makes sense to replace the kit lens with the little faster kit lens. It's far better to add a 1.4/35 for low light and shallow DOF.

I couldn't agree more. Some folks just have too much disposable income. I'm been a photo enthusiast for over 20 years and don't make money from photography these days. I haven't bought a new camera for a few years - not because I couldn't afford one...it's just that I didn't want to spend money on compromises that I thought would go away in the next model At $399 Canadian + tax, the X-A1 is a no brainer. Even so, I read a lot of X-A1 and X-M1 reviews before making my decision to purchase the X-A1. The 18-55mm is $699 Canadian + tax at Henrys (where I purchased the X-A1 kit). If I could afford that, I might as well have gotten the X-E2 kit for $1399 Canadian + tax (which comes with the 18-55mm lens). I've read enough reviews from pros who consider the 16-50mm to be just fine (a fact that I've confirmed to my utmost delight!).

I looked at a alternatives to the X-A1 in about the same price range (all currently being at least $100 more), and I don't think that any were overall better than the X-A1. At $399 Canadian, this is the best deal I've ever seen for a current production ILC. It's the same price that I paid for my Canon G7 several years ago (on sale at the time!).

I think that the X-A1 is the most overlooked and underappreciated ILC on the planet. This statement coming from someone who's used nothing but Canon gear until now.

Next I need to look at the 50-230mm tele that's gotten very good reviews. At $399, it's $300 less than the 18-55mm. Not the same quality obviously, but the 18-55mm is not a telephoto lens. That's an extra $300 that I could put towards the 35/f1.4 ($599 Canadian).

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