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Re: The point is OMD E-M10 is NOT an entry level camera

LeicaBOSS wrote:

For the consumer with a pile of money in their hand, standing at the glass counter of their local electronics retailer, the entry level DSLR is on the same playing field as the OMD-E10.

He/she wants a first "serious" camera. They don't know what that means. They have a budget. And when they go DSLR, they stay there for a long, long time.

Oly can position their body anywhere they want - but the entry level is more attractive elsewhere, gets first crack at building loyalty with new photographers... and you can only live off of table scraps and jilted "enthusiasts" for so long.

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From time to time, I point my camera at the right things. This is generally when I forget everything I've learned.

This, in my mind, is exactly the problem that m43 has - they have failed to "educate" (i.e. advertise to) these types of consumers.  Not knowing any better this consumer will pick the APS-C camera because it's a Nikon or Canon and it has a larger sensor with more MPs even though it will not necessarily provide better still images or video for them.

I have a m43 system because I know the size and weight of the system will be quite small, the IQ for the majority of my uses is more than good enough AND the video absolutely kills that from my D800 + FX lenses (or any APS-C DSLR really).

The problem these days with digital cameras in general is that they are not as portable or convenient as the camera built into people's smart phone or small tablet and, like the point and shoot film cameras of yesteryear, produce images that are more than good enough for their general needs (i.e., capture the moment with a good enough image).

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