Canada: A6000 $550 18-105 $550

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Re: Price fixing is illegal, isn't it?

123Mike wrote:

I mentioned this Dell price to my local Sony rep. He said Sony corporate was well aware of it and working with Dell on the issue. The A6000 is price fixed. It sells at MSRP from all vendors worldwide. He said that no one should be selling it for less than MSRP. He said corporate was dealing with Dell.

In Canada, Calgary's The Camera Store it's usually about $30 cheaper than list. Been that way for years. Aden Camera in Toronto followed suit. Henrys across Canada matches it when pointed out.

So, when you say "fixed" is there a contract that the store owner must sign, in order to be supplied with stock, and that states that they shall not sell at anything other than MSRP? Wouldn't that be illegal?

Price fixing between companies is illegal. For example, Apple and Sony can't agree that all tablets should sell for $700. What a company chooses that it's products sell at is definitely not illegal. A company does and should be able to dictate what price it's products sell at. Apple does that with all it's products, that's why Apple products sell for pretty much the same price everywhere. Sony does the same with some of it's products. A camera store can choose to ignore Sony's pricing but then Sony can choose not to sell them product and remove them as an authorized Sony retailer.

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