Fuji X-E vs E-M5 and general X System vs M43. Can't decide! Help please.

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Fuji X-E vs E-M5 and general X System vs M43. Can't decide! Help please.


I still can't make up my mind between the E-M5 kit with two piece grip, 12-50 and 17 1.8 and the Fuji...

I want to get the Fuji, mainly because of their primes, like the 23mm and 56mm.

But the Oly is also on my mind.

What I came to:

Oly Pros:


- Without the grip and with a pancake lens it's pocketable

- Better EVF in regard to lag

- Faster and more accurate AF

Fuji Pros:

- Manual controls of shutter speed and aperture

- APS-C Sensor allows for better DOF control

- Fast primes available 1.4 and 1.2

But I am afraid that if I go with the Fuji, I might end up not taking it with me often due to size.

With the 23 or 56, it requires a bag of some sort and it is heavy.

With the Oly, I could have the 17 1.8 and 45 1.8 and keep the size and weight really down...

How is the 45 1.8? In DOF it equals roughly an f3.5 on FF...

While the Fuji 1.2 equals 1.8...

How much difference does it make in shooting portraits?

Also, how big is the size and weight difference between the two systems?

Another thing that gets me excited is the 12-40 Oly lens...

It is weather sealed, small and light. But it only equals f5.6 in DOF...

I know the Fuji will have a 16-55 2.8 zoom, but I am afraid it will be too big and heavy to carry casually with me...

What's your thoughts?


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