no point in buying a mirrorless camera

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Because of the kit lens ?

adymitruk wrote:

If the awesome a6000 comes with the 16-50, you might as well just buy a used Canon g11 for regular photography

I'm hoping you meant to say "if the only lens you're ever going to buy for your camera is the 16-50" you might as well just buy ...

Because otherwise, who cares what it comes with ? It's an interchangeable lens camera - you use the lens you want on it.

I do agree that some consumers who buy an ILC (whether an entry level DSLR or a mirrorless) with nothing but a midrange kit zoom would be better off with one of the various "premium" digicams (any of the various models with fast lenses and larger-than-typical sensors).

But even then, there are still practical differences. Like an EVF. The EVF alone could be a great reason to use an A6000 over a digicam, even if you only ever use one lens on it.

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